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The following is the list of authorized Shanghai Futures Exchange market data vendors. Please visit the vendors’website or call them if you need more information on the products they offer. If you want to become a licensed distributor of SHFE price information or any questions please contact Mr. Xu Fumin, at the Information Department of the SHFE via (Tel) 86-21-20767508 or email to xu.fm@zkfmx.com.

List of authorized vendors by SHFE in real time quotation

I. Real-time Market Data Distributors

Bloomberg L.P.
China Economic Information Service
WebStock Financial Information (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
SunGard Data Systems Inc.
Shanghai DZH Limited
Pobo Financial Information Co., Ltd
Hexun Information Technology Co., Ltd.
Shanghai FuYoo Software Technology Co., Ltd
GTA Corp.
Shanghai Qianlong High-tech Co., Ltd
Wind Info
Systex Info
TDX Technology
Interactive Data Corporation
Aspect Enterprise Solutions
Morningstar Real-Time Data Ltd.
Hithink RoyalFlush Information Network Co.,Ltd.
Shenyang Chengtong Metal Co., Ltd.
FDT Incubator
Patio Soft Tech Ltd.
Hundsun Technologies Inc.
Shanghai Chengxin Investment Management Co., Ltd.
Yintech Investment Holdings Limited
Suntime Information Technology Co., Ltd.

II. Nonferrous Metals Real-time Market Data Distributors

FastMarkets Ltd.
Guojin Metal Technology Co.,Ltd

III. Energy Real-time Market Data Distributor

Beijing Jcache Information System Development Co., Ltd.

IV. Delayed Market Data Distributors

2rich Digital Channel Production Co., Ltd.
RiskMetrics Group,Inc.
Argus Media,Inc.
NetEase Information Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
Securities Times
Jiji Press
Reval.com, Inc.
S&P Global Platts
CRU Group

V. Wireless Terminal Products Market Data Distributors

Shanghai FuYoo Software Technology Co., Ltd.
Pobo Financial Information Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Tongxin Message Technology Consultation Co., Ltd.


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