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Shanghai International Energy Exchange Has Released Its Circular on Releasing Marker Prices for the Shanghai Crude Oil Futures

Shanghai International Energy Exchange has released its Circular on Releasing Marker Prices for the Shanghai Crude Oil Futures as follows:

To whom it may concern:
  Shanghai International Energy Exchange (hereinafter referred to as the Exchange) will release marker prices for the crude oil futures starting from October 12, 2020. The details are as follows.
  1. Eligible Contracts
  The eligible contracts of the marker prices for the Shanghai crude oil futures will be the first and the second nearby crude oil futures contracts.
  The Exchange will stop releasing marker prices for an eligible contract after the market close on the eighth trading day preceding the last trading day of the contract.
  2. Marker Period
  The marker periods of crude oil futures are 00:27-00:30, 11:27-11:30 and 14:57-15:00 on each trading day.
  3. Calculation
  The marker prices for each eligible contract will be the volume weighted average price (VWAP) of outright trades on that contract within the three- minutes’ marker period respectively.
  If there is no transaction within a marker period on the trading day, there will be no marker price.
  4. Releasing Method
  The marker prices will be released on the “Daily Statistics” column on the official website of Shanghai International Energy Exchange and on the Member Service System of Shanghai International Energy Exchange.

Shanghai International Energy Exchange
September 28, 2020